February 26 - March 2, 2014
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Resounding Space
David Toop (UK)
Minoru Sato (JP)
Following a residency at the University of Huddersfield, Toop and Sato present solo sets and a new work with students from the Centre for Research in New Music.
workshop ensemble
(No)ise, Shadows
Sylvain Pohu (CA)
Hanna Hartman (SE)
Pohu and Hartman present a diverse double bill focussing on extended performance techniques and amplified objects from intimate delicacy to euphoric noise.
Dynamic Drift
Ambrose Field (UK)
Field presents a mix of stunning new works drawing on the power of Storm! (Sargasso) and the delicacy of Kenneth Kirschner all presented in large multi-channel surround sound format to make the most of the immersive potential of the HISS.
Sam Hopkins / Will Stead
Exotic Electronica
Autistici (UK)
Following a recent release on Nomadic Kids Republic, Autistici presents a rare live set combines his signature ambient soundscapes, transformations of objects and environmental sounds and rhythmic drive.
Phil Maguire / Aaron Cassidy
Sonic Feast
SOUNDkitchen (UK)
The Birmingham-based SOUNDkitchen cooperative serve up a sonic feast of experimental electronic and electroacoustic music.
Seth Woods + Patricia Alessandrini

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  • Free admission for all concerts
  • Venue : Phipps Hall, Creative Arts Building
  • Concerts at 7:30 pm
• Diffusion workshop Saturday am
• MSP Poweruser Symposium Saturday pm
 • Public pre-concert talks at 5:30 pm